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20% Discount on all exhibits

Valid Until 29 February 2024 -112 days to go

Deal Detail  KSA

Eligibility Applicable for all the eligible cards in the deals

20% Discount on all exhibits

Address Tel Mobile Email
159 26th of July st.,Zamalek 27370343 \ 27351559 (010)65547391
Gezira Sporting Club   (010)27091133
l4 Wadi Al Nile st. 33055728 (010)65547392
38 Nady Al Seid st. next to McDonald's   (010)27359996
Corniche Al Nile
Nile City Mall, Nile Towers no.(10) 24619898 (012)83066617
Beymen,Four Seasons,Nile Plaza Hotel no.(8) 27930080 (010)65547395
First Mall,Four Seasons,Mourad,23) 35734009 (010)65547394
6th Oct
Dandy Mall,Alexandria Desert Road no.(34) 35393537 (010)65547397
Mall of Arabia,Jouhayna Square,6th of   (010)02194430
Galleria 40,Raya Building no.(33) B1 82   (0100)0358205
Hub Mall-West-Town,Sodic   (0109)5981130

  • 20% Discount on all exhibits
  • Lenses are excluded from the offer

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