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Education Plan

Secure your children’s future

Emirates NBD offers a long–term savings & protection plan, with affordable premiums to meet the expenses of university education or marriage.

Our long-term savings and protection plan is tailored to help you save sufficient funds to finance university education or marriage expenses for your children. This is done through accumulated savings, alongside dividend payments added on a yearly basis. As a protection benefit, you enjoy a waiver of premium benefits in the unfortunate event of loss of life (God forbid). In such an unfortunate event, Allianz Life Assurance Company Egypt will pay the remaining premiums on your behalf until your children reach the agreed university age and collect the benefits at maturity.

  • Available in both Egyptian Pound and US Dollar
  • Premium payments are made through a free direct debit service from any Emirates NBD Egypt bank account to Allianz Life Assurance Company Egypt
  • At the policy maturity date, the beneficiary will receive their savings as a lump sum or over yearly annuities to finance the university tuition for each child, with a maximum of five children per plan
  • Optional total permanent disability cover with the same benefits as basic cover
  • Minimum eligible age: 21.
  • Maximum entry age (for loss of life cover): 60. This cover can insure you up to the age of 65
  • Maximum entry age (for disability cover): 55. This cover can insure you up to the age of 60
  • The policy liquidation is permitted after the second year
  • Frequency of contribution: Annually – Half Yearly – Quarterly – Monthly
  • Flexibility to change your plan once every year in terms of contributions, insurance amounts and tenor based on your requirements

* All insurance products are offered by Allianz Life Assurance Company Egypt and subject to Allianz policy terms & conditions