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Retirement Plan

Enjoy a well deserved retirement

Emirates NBD offers a long–term savings & protection plan, with affordable premiums so you can stop worrying about your retirement.

Our long-term savings and protection plan is tailored to your financial and retirement goals and helps you save an affordable amount on a regular basis. This is done through accumulated savings, alongside an additional dividend added on a yearly basis. As a protection benefit, in the unfortunate event of loss of life (God forbid), a predefined lump sum payment is made to a predetermined beneficiary or beneficiaries.

  • Available in both Egyptian Pound and US Dollar
  • Premium payment is made through a free direct debit service from any Emirates NBD Egypt bank account to Allianz Life Assurance Company Egypt
  • Payment at maturity can be received through a lump sum payment or annuities over an agreed period of time, or a mix of both
  • Optional total permanent disability cover, where a lump sum insurance amount is paid to the insured in the unfortunate case of total disability
  • Policyholders can make any additional contribution into the plan at any time to boost investments upon request
  • Minimum policy term: 5 years
  • Minimum entry age: 21
  • Maximum entry age (for loss of life cover): 60. This cover can insure you up to the age of 65
  • Maximum entry age (for disability cover): 55. This cover can insure you up to the age of 60
  • Policy liquidation is permitted after the second year
  • Frequency of contribution: Annually – Half Yearly – Quarterly – Monthly
  • Flexibility to change your plan once every year in terms of contributions, insurance amounts and tenor

* All insurance products are offered by Allianz Life Assurance Company Egypt and subject to Allianz policy terms & conditions