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Our goal is to spread the awareness of customers’ rights, and to clear the relationship between the bank and its customers. Also, the bank abides by protecting the rights of the customers, while dealing with any services or products, and to inform them clearly with all the charges, terms and conditions related. Moreover, the bank is committed to keep the privacy of the accounts of all the customers against fraud or scam, in addition to supporting our customers in solving any problem in a fixed period of time.

With Emirates NBD every single detail matters.

Therefore, to protect the rights of your accounts, an independent department has been established in the bank for customer rights protection, its goal is protecting your interests, transactions and spreading banking awareness so that you can take sound decisions in order to ensure justice, transparency, maintain confidentiality of data, and work to meet the needs and complaints submitted by you.

Important principles of customer rights protection:
  • Ensuring that the principles of equality, fairness and transparency are applied when dealing with customers
  • Drafting the terms and conditions in a clear and understandable manner
  • Providing customers with an explanation of the terms and conditions, as well as the charges of the banking products and services upon request, in a clear and non-misleading manner, which makes the customer fully aware of all the details
  • Helping the customer to choose the right service or product that suits his/her financial needs without forcing the customer to buy a specific product to get the products
  • Educating the customer on how to use the bank’s products and services. In addition to, the procedures to be followed to report cases of theft, loss, or fraud
  • Providing the appropriate environment to protect the confidentiality of financial and personal customers data, as these data should not be used or shared with others without obtaining the customer's consent
Know your rights:
  • In case the product or service cannot be provided to the customer, the customer has the right to know the reasons for the refusal - if possible - and the customer has the right to recover the original documents he/she submitted when ordering the product or service
  • The customer has the right to review the contract before contracting and to obtain a copy of it at any time after contracting
You must know:
  • You must read all the terms and conditions of contracts and forms and make sure that the content is clearly understood before signing or leaving the branch
  • The bank must be notified of any change in your personal data, for example (residence/work address, phone/mobile number, email, etc.), with the importance of updating your data with the bank periodically
  • You must notify the bank immediately and without any delay if you become aware of any transaction of theft, embezzlement, tampering with your account or in the case of debiting unauthorized transactions on your debit or credit cards
  • Protecting cards and information related to electronic services, maintaining the confidentiality of the username and password, and not disclosing any data related to your account to any unknown party or entity in order to maintain the confidentiality and integrity of your accounts, knowing that the bank will not contact you to obtain any information
  • Sharing accurate and clear information to the bank employee to be able to provide the convenient products and services to your needs
Complaint mechanism:

Now all customers will be able to submit, follow up and get the final decision on their complaint. All they have to do is click on the application link on our website and fill in the required data and it will take one working day to contact you, follow up on your complaint and we will give you a reference number for your complaint. This includes our communication with you in a professional and efficient way. You can also submit complaints to the Consumer Rights Protection Department through the following channels:

  • Through our Mobile Banking application
  • Call our hotline 16664 24/7 where our staff is happy to assist you
  • Visit our www.emiratesnbd.com.eg and submit your complaint to us via “Complaints” under the “Customer Service” section of the main page. Fill out the complaint form and a representative of our complaints team will contact you within one working day
  • Visit any of our branches, speak to a customer service representative and ask to fill out a complaint form

The bank is obligated to respond to the complaint within a maximum of 15 working days from the date of receiving the complaint, except for complaints related to transactions with third parties, for which the customer will be notified of the period necessary to investigate such complaints.

The client should not escalate his/her complaint to the CBE prior referring to the bank and get the final feedback for his/her complaint.

In the event that the bank or the service provider is notified of the non-acceptance of the response, the complaint will be reviewed and the final response to the customer shall be within a maximum of 15 working days.

Terms and conditions apply

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