Terms and Conditions

The Bank: Refers to Emirates NBD

The Contest: Refers to the contest organized by The Bank on its relevant Social Media Channels

The Participant: Means the person taking part in the contest

The Participant understands, confirms, admits, and accepts the following:

  • The contest period differs from one contest to the other, it might be subject to change in extreme cases and after receiving approval from the concerned authority and with no pre-announcement.
  • Applications acceptance will be closed by the end of the contest as determined by the bank, closure timings might be changed with no pre-announcement.
  • Participant is eligible to apply once in each round.
  • The bank’s employees (on permanent or temporary contracts), or any of its subsidiaries or holding companies or sister companies and any of the entities taking part in organizing, executing, or managing the contest (according to the bank’s estimate) are not eligible to take part in the contest and any participants from these parties will be excluded.
  • By taking part in the contest, the participant accepts these terms and conditions fully and unconditionally, and accepts that the bank’s decision concerning the contest and all related matters, including with no exclusion awarding prizes and interpreting these terms and conditions, is final and abiding and no inquiries will be answered regarding this issue. The bank will choose winners eligible to this contest by draw.
  • To take part in the contest and qualify for the draw, participants are requested to answer all mentioned questions available on the bank’s social media channels.
  • The bank will notify the winner/winners via the channel they participated through, the winner/winners must affirm their acceptance of the prize within the timeframe mentioned in the bank’s announcement.
  • To qualify for the award, the winner/winners, who have been located and contacted by the bank, must be willing to approve the procedures related to the contest as aforementioned in these Terms and Conditions.

The Contest is subject to the below mentioned Terms and Conditions (As Applied):

  • The bank might change the date, time, type of any award at any time after getting approval from the concerned authority.
  • The bank holds the right to ban any participations it deems untrustworthy or suspicious.
  • The bank holds the right to change these terms and conditions at any time with no pre-announcement.
  • Any award can be canceled by the bank at any time after getting approval of the concerned authority.
  • The bank has the right to apply other terms and conditions needed at any time.
  • In case the winner is not available or unable to receive the prizes determined by the bank for any reason, this winner’s prize might be confiscated by the bank according to the bank’s sole judgment. No monetary or any form of compensation will be awarded to this winner as a compensation for his prize.
  • The winner must come to the bank’s premises to receive his/her prize.
  • By accepting the prize, the winner concedes to participate in all advertising material related to the award and published in media channels in an acceptable manner before and after receiving the award. This includes appearing in social media content and marketing campaigns as demanded by the bank.
  • By accepting the award, the winner has no right to take any decisions or procedures that might negatively affect the bank’s reputation or financial status or business horizons or deals and arrangements with any person or entity.
  • The award is nonnegotiable and not transferable or refundable, either partially or fully, and cannot be sold or replaced.
  • The winner or his/her friend will not be compensated for the time they might take off their work or any other obligations to receive the prize.
  • The bank will not be responsible for any demands or losses or damage or injuries or costs or spending (including with no exclusion: direct or indirect loss including death) or costs barren because of unforeseen circumstances or resulting from or related to this contest, and in this the bank advises the winner to acquire the appropriate insurance.
  • In case the bank couldn’t continue to offer or secure or guarantee applicability of the contest for any force majeure reasons, including with no exclusion, fires, floods, epidemics, earthquakes, explosions, labor unrest, strikes, fate, satellites, equipment failure, riots, civil unrest, war (announced or unannounced), or terrorist threats, or any governmental law or federal or local or regime, or any court order or judiciary power or computer devices viruses or unauthorized access or failed equipment or any other circumstances beyond the bank’s control, the bank has the right according to its absolute judgment to shorten, amend, suspend, cancel, or finish the contest with no further commitments.
  • The bank or its managers or employees or cessionary will not be responsible for any demands resulting from the award.
  • The person who is not part of this agreement has no right to benefit from this agreements’ benefits.
  • Specifically for the “Follow and Win” contest, winners will be chosen randomly from the full followers list of Emirates NBD on the social media channel that will witness the contest.
  • Laws of The Arab Republic of Egypt are applicable to these terms and conditions, and in case a conflict rises, Cairo’s courts have the nonexclusive judiciary power to settle it.
  • Through taking part in the contest, you agree on giving Emirates NBD the right to receive, store, and process any information or data you apply to Emirates NBD and the usage of this information and data, and Emirates NBD has the right to share any of this information and data with other parties to get information about special offers, and you explicitly agree to the bank’s receiving and using aforementioned data by Emirates NBD for the aforementioned purposes. Emirates NBD and/or other parties have the right to use this information or data to locate and identify you on digital media and social media channels to propose latest products and offers and incentives introduced by Emirates NBD or any other party.
  • All participations under the terms and conditions will be taken.
  • The draw will be supervised by the Ministry of Social Solidarity.

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