Emirates NBD Egypt Participates in the International Technology Conference  Cairo ICT 2018

Emirates NBD Egypt Participates in the International Technology Conference - Cairo ICT 2018

3 Min | 05 December 2018

As part of its digital technology strategy in the provision of banking services Emirates NBD – Egypt participates in the International Technology Conference; Cairo ICT 2018

The bank offers a range of innovative technological banking services and offers a technological platform to facilitate business effectively and safely

Cairo – November, 2018 – Emirates NBD - Egypt, the lead banking and digital banking provider, participates in the International Technology Fair in Cairo; "Cairo ICT 2018" which is being held under the Auspices of President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi from the 25th to the 28th of November. During the exhibition, Emirates NBD - Egypt will feature the latest technologies and banking services, as well as provide a clear vision of the future of banking services, which is to be presented for the first time in Egypt.

Emirates NBD's participation in this important event is in line with the bank's strategy to expand digital banking, based on the application of technology in all banking services.

Mohamed Berro, Chief Executive Officer of Emirates NBD – Egypt, confirmed that "the bank's participation in the International Technology Fair and Conference "Cairo ICT 2018" is part of its strategy to expand the delivery of technology-based digital banking services. The bank is focused on providing comprehensive new digital banking services, offering smart financial solutions that make financial transactions easy to conduct. Emirates NBD - Egypt seeks to compete in the market on the basis of pioneering in digital banking services."

Berro added, "Through its participation in Cairo ICT 2018, Emirates NBD offers the latest technology banking services that meet the needs of customers and are in coordination with today's modern nature of time and flexibility."

As part of its commitment to facilitate customer banking and what positions the bank as a pioneer in digital banking, Emirates NBD – Egypt has re-designed its digital services to include a range of new features and innovative digital banking services. The bank is leveraging a range of new services and banking features on mobile phones available in the local market.

Emirates NBD – Egypt is also working on the introduction of new products which represent a revolution in digital banking services, transforming the customer's banking routine into a more convenient and flexible experience.

The main objective of Emirates NBD – Egypt is to make the banking experience of customers more positive and satisfactory. The bank always makes sure to get the best use it can out of the advanced electronic banking services that are being carried out at anytime and anywhere, making Emirates NBD – Egypt one of the best digital banks in Egypt.

The bank offers a range of digital banking services and smart solutions that are tailored to today's needs, such as new mobile banking services that allow customers to log into their main account using the smart touch fingerprint system, and allows pre-booking services for each branch, allowing the customer to get a waiting ticket before reaching the branch.

The banking tablet in the branches allows customers to fill out forms to open a digital account, ensuring the accuracy of the data while processing the form through Finacle. Afterwards, the tablet will be integrated with DMS & Queuing Kiosk, which will be visible with a list of STP services for clients in order to provide flexibility in accessing the service.

Emirates NBD – Egypt also offers Chatbot and Avatar services, which provide automatic customer support and participation through online conversations with other customers through a programmable text method. In addition, WhatsApp Banking enables services that provide customers with amenities such as inquiries, orders and transactions using keywords configured to be sent to Emirates NBD – Egypt via the verification number on WhatsApp.

The bank also offers the advantage of transferring from mobile phone to ATM, where the customer starts the cash transfer through the application of mobile banking services using the nearest ATM without a card.

Moreover, the bank proposes online banking through an interactive video call with a virtual bank advisor, which is a greater advantage in communicating with customers.

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