Terms and Conditions of Emirates National Bank of Dubai S.A.E Prepaid Card

Please read carefully the Terms and Conditions of the utilization of Emirates national Bank of Dubai Prepaid card, before fulfilling the data of the issuance application. The data fulfillment and signature of the issuance application is considered acceptance to issue and utilize the prepaid card in the following Terms and conditions:


These words and expression will have the following meaning:

  • Bank: Emirates National Bank of Dubai (S.A.E.) located at Plot 85, El Teseen St., Fifth Settlement, New Cairo
  • Card: the prepaid card issued by the Bank to its holder and upon its request
  • Cardholder: the client signing the Card Issuance Application, aged not less than 16 years
Card Term:

The Card duration is three years from its issuance and shall be automatically renewable at the end of period unless the Cardholder noti?es the Bank of his/her will not to renew the card 45 days as minimum before the termination date as per a written request or a registered mail to the branch which issued the card, the client bears all the renewal fees registered on his account without the right to contest. The Bank keeps the right to cancel the Card at any time or not to renew as per his discretionary decision.

Card Utilization:
  • The Card utilization includes the utilization of the Card, it number, the deposit, cash withdrawal, balance inquiry or extracting Mini statement from the ATMs and also includes purchasing from POS or effecting electronic transactions on the net.
  • All transaction by the Card is nominated in Egyptian Pounds only
  • The Cardholder accepts the debit of the issuing fees decided by the Bank on his current account at the Bank’s end and has no right to contest them. This applies to the original card.
  • The Bank is not responsible towards the Cardholder for any damages resulting from the de?ciency of any equipment or data storage and analysis or any other reason out of the Bank's control
  • The original cardholder is absolutely and unconditionally responsible before the Bank for all the expenses and liabilities resulting from using the original card and from the loss, depreciation or misuse of the card.
  • The Bank is entitled to automatically debit any amount previously credited by mistake without reverting to the Cardholder.
  • The Bank has the sole right to amend the maximum of purchase amount or cash withdrawal per day.
  • The Bank creates password to each card “PINCODE” and provide the cardholder with such password. Therefore the cardholder accepts the following:
    • The cardholder is absolutely and unconditionally responsible to protect and keep saf the card and it password at any time. In case the card was stolen or lost, the cardholder will be absolutely liable for the consequences of the misuse from his side or from third party side. And the Bank is responsible to immediately notify the Bank to stop the Card utilization or through a written or registered mail.
    • The client hereby irrevocably declares that he shall not allow any unauthorized third party to use the Card either the third party knows the password or not.
  • The Bank is not responsible in any form if any establishment rejects the card in the dealings. The Bank is not responsible for any dispute arising between the Cardholder and the merchants regarding the goods and services obtained from them through the card.
  • All the transactions effected through utilizing the card in the merchant’s machines and ATMs using the pin code delivered by the Bank are the absolute responsibility of the Cardholder who has no right to revert to the Bank with the value of such transactions.
  • The Bank is entitled to suspend the card use or cancel it at any time without giving reasons whatsoever and without notifying the Cardholder.
  • The original Cardholder is entitled to cancel the card and return it to the Bank on condition that their commitment remains outstanding and valid for the operations done with the card till the cancellation date.
  • The original Cardholder authorizes Emirates NBD to reveal whether directly or indirectly some or all of the data regarding his dealings with the Bank without reverting to the Bank for secrecy of accounts disclosure.
  • Emirates NBD card is owned by the Bank and is considered a consignment at its bearer. The Cardholder commits to return it to the Bank or any of its agents immediately after the Bank’s request
  • In case the Bank receives notices to return the value of a selling operation done using the card, the Bank credits the Cardholder account with the amount due to him and previously registered on him
  • The Bank is not obliged to enclose copies of the purchases documents of operations accomplished by the Cardholder
  • The Bank is entitled to record the telephone conversations held with the Cardholder, and the client herby acknowledge that the Bank is entitled to use such recorded calls a conclusive evidence before authorities and courts.
  • The client shall commit to the instructions of the International Organization (MasterCard) and all the related amendments and changes being considered an integral and complementary part of the client’s obligations here in.
  • In case of dealing on the Electronic Network (Internet) using the debit card issued by Emirates NBD the client is fully responsible for all the transactions effected without any liability on the Bank.
  • The Bank is entitled to amend and change the present terms and conditions from time to time without the Cardholder approval. The Bank noti?es the client with the amendment through emirates NBD website www.emiratesnbd.com and the cardholder hereby commit to regularly visit the website. The introduced amendments to these conditions are an integral part of them without a written approval from the Cardholder.
  • The Cardholder undertakes that he is the original owner and only bene?ciary of issuing the card. The Cardholder also undertakes not to deposit or accept the deposit of amounts from unknown or suspicious sources and commits to update the information and documents submitted to issue the card during its validity period or when some reasons or changes require that, as per the law provisions no. 80/2002 regarding the Anti-Money Laundry in Egypt.
The Card charging and the deposit transactions:
  • The Cardholder has the right to deposit amounts in the Card not exceeding the maximum limit of the daily deposit and the client is not entitled to exceed the maximum limit of the utilization as announced by the Bank and there is no interest calculated on the Card balance.
  • The Cardholder undertakes not to deposit or accept the deposit of amounts from unknown or suspicious sources
  • The Cardholder hereby declares that the transactions data showing on the ATMs or on the receipt extracted from the ATM is not a commitment on the Bank or evidence on the correctness of the transaction it is only and extract from the ATM upon the Cardholder request.
Fees and expenses:

The client gives the Bank the right to charge the Card Balance with all expenses resulting from issuance the Card and/or its renewal and/or the reissuance of the lost or destroyed cards and/or services or any other expenses arising because of such.

I hereby declares, as the Cardholder, that I read and received and revised all the Terms and Conditions of the utilization of the prepaid card of Emirates National Bank of Dubai S.A.E and I hereby irrevocably and unconditionally agree to commit to such Terms and Conditions and I hereby declares the Bank’s right to amend it at its discretionary decision. My signature hereto I considered a declaration from my side on the accuracy and correctness of the data that I fulfilled in the Prepaid Card Application of Emirates National Bank of Dubai S.A.E

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