Visa Corporate Credit Card

Manage your cash and business expenses with confidence

Your Emirates NBD Corporate Credit Card helps you with cash management and to control business expenses. Features include:

  • A convenient and reliable cash management tool to monitor and control business expenses
  • Linked to the company’s account and bears the name of both the company and cardholder
  • Longest grace period up to 57 days
  • Detailed statements of transaction history, for faster settlement of expenses and invoices
  • Shop across point of sale terminals locally and internationally
  • Instant SMS notification upon using the card at any point of sale locally and internationally
  • 100% monthly settlement debited from the company’s account
  • Equipped with Smart Chip technology for secured transactions
  • International monthly ATM cash withdrawal limit is EGP 15,500 or USD 500 or its equivalent in any other foreign currency, the cash limit is set monthly & the daily limit will not exceed the equivalent
  • International monthly POS “Purchase” limit is EGP 108,500 or USD 3,500 or its equivalent in any other foreign currency

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