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Mobile Banking Campaign

Watch how our exclusive Mobile Banking App’s features solved Leithy’s never ending problems with his friend!

Download the free Emirates NBD Egypt Mobile Banking App today!

At Emirates NBD, we value your time and understand your daily financial demands, hence we are always keen on making your banking experience more convenient by bringing you the latest in banking technologies. Watch our light-hearted videos to get familiar with the following exclusive features:

External Transfers:

With our External Transfers feature, you can now transfer money to local and international bank accounts in a secure and convenient way from the comfort of your home, office, or even your car.

Click here to find out how Leithy easily ended Eslam’s nagging by paying him back the money he borrowed at the convenience of his couch.

Bill Payments:

With Emirates NBD’s Mobile Banking App you can now pay 50+ bills, recharge mobile phones’ credit, renew your traffic license or donate anywhere, anytime without cancelling your plans.

Click here to find out how could such a feature could’ve saved Eslam and Leithy from an inconvenient event if only Eslam knew the feature existed.

mePay (Exclusive feature to Emirates NBD):

Our Mobile Banking App’s exclusive mePay feature allows you to instantly transfer money from / to any other Emirates NBD account by using mobile numbers from your mobile contact list. No need for any account numbers.

Click here to find out how Leithy avoided an unwanted encounter with the landlord after knowing that Eslam forgot to pay the rent.

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