Financial Inclusion

Financial Inclusion

Have Your Independence, have your own bank account

In supporting financial independence for all Egyptians, we are offering them to open a saving account and get a debit card free of charge during financial inclusion events

Financial inclusion is an important indicator of the development and well-being of society around the world. By merging the categories that are called financially marginalized or with low financial income, who are not allowed to engage in the operations of the banking system, and allowing them to deal with the banking system by providing various financial services at the lowest cost.

Financial inclusion aims to enable individuals and small and medium-sized enterprises to obtain financing, investment and growth, and it plays an important social role on the larger segment of the limited and middle-income groups, as well as women and youth.

Emirates NBD- Egypt is keen to implement the initiative of the Central Bank of Egypt to establish the concept of financial inclusion, with the aim of including the largest number of society groups in the financial system by encouraging citizens, especially women and youth, to open bank accounts with easy procedures and without costs.

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