Emirates NBD  Egypt signs a cooperation protocol with &quotAhl Masr Foundation for Development&quot

Emirates NBD - Egypt signs a cooperation protocol with "Ahl Masr Foundation for Development"

2 Min | 19 June 2023
Emirates NBD - Egypt signs a cooperation protocol with "Ahl Masr Foundation for Development" to equip "Ahl Masr Hospital for Burns Treatment" with medical equipment
  • Amr ElShafei CEO and Managing Director of Emirates NBD - Egypt: The bank's collaboration is part of an effort to improve the quality of healthcare services aligned with the Corporate social responsibility goal
  • Heba Elsewedy Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Ahl Masr Foundation for Development: Ahl Masr Hospital is the first of its kind in the Middle East to save thousands of burn patients

Cairo - 19th June 2023 : As a part of Emirates NBD-Egypt's efforts to raise the standard of the healthcare sector, the bank signed a cooperation protocol with Ahl Masr Foundation to provide "Ahl Masr" hospital with medical equipment for its Physiotherapy unit that the hospital intends to open its first phase to provide free treatment for burn victims.

Dr. Amgad Doma, Chief Strategy & Sustainability Officer at Emirates NBD – Egypt and Dr. Sherif Hamdy, Chief Business Development Officer at Ahl Masr Foundation, attended the signing ceremony that took place on the 19th of June 2023.

The Physiotherapy unit plays a critical role in the treatment and recovery of individuals with deep burns after their recovery, particularly those with physical disabilities resulting from burns. It includes Physiotherapists to provide diagnosis, physical examination, rehabilitation, and disease prevention for burn patients through Physiotherapy, which has been scientifically proven to contribute to alleviate burn pain, enhance overall health, and improve the appearance of burn scars. Additionally, Physiotherapy aids in enhancing the ability to move normally for patients who have suffered severe burns.

Amr ElShafei, CEO and Managing Director of Emirates NBD - Egypt, said: "Emirates NBD - Egypt has demonstrated a strong commitment to supporting the establishment of "Ahl Masr" hospital, which provides free treatment to burn patients. The bank recognizes its crucial role in promoting social responsibility within the health sector, particularly for people with disabilities. For this purpose, we have provided financial support to purchase medical equipment for the Physiotherapy and physical rehabilitation unit."

"Life-threatening burns often affect entire groups or families, and the initial treatment cost in intensive care is usually high, making it impossible for patients to wait until treatment costs are available. Therefore, all stakeholders should be involved in meeting the needs of the hospital and improving healthcare services to support deserving groups." added ElShafei.

It is important to note that Emirates NBD - Egypt is committed to making a tangible contribution throughout the year to all initiatives aimed at helping the most disadvantaged segments of society to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals and Egypt Vision 2030.

Dr. Heba Elsewedy, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Ahl Masr Foundation for Development, "I truly appreciate Emirates NBD- Egypt's contribution and I am eager for more cooperation along with other organizations to support the completion of equipping Ahl Masr Hospital for free burn treatment, especially that the hospital is the first of its kind in Egypt, the Middle East, and Africa, offering hope to save hundreds of thousands of burn victims. Elsewedy stated, "While we have been able to save the lives of many burn patients and support them on their journey towards recovery and reintegration into society, there are still hundreds of thousands of patients who have not found a specialized hospital that can save their lives and cure them. Therefore, we all hope for the opening of Ahl Masr Hospital as soon as possible."

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