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Your Business, anytime, anywhere

Because we know the value of time to your business, we offer you smartBUSINESS solutions, a secure web-based platform that provides you with all necessary information and transaction access to all your business accounts around the clock.

"smartBUSINESS" enables you to make a wide range of Banking Transactions.
  • Initiate a wide range of financial transactions, including transfers between own accounts, and third-party accounts within Emirates NBD.
  • Initiate international and local telegraphic transfers.
  • Initiate salary payments to local and international employee accounts.
  • View account statements and comprehensive account summary.
  • Download account statement.
  • Request Balance Confirmation on select accounts.
  • Order check books.
  • Request bank drafts.
  • Request to open new and amend Fixed Deposits.
  • Register now for our corporate online banking platform “smartBusiness” for free. This includes the monthly subscriptions and the transfer fees in EGP for the next 6 months.

Note: Starting the 2nd of April 2020, these transactions are available only through the smartBUSINESS application, and are no longer available through any of Emirates NBD branches.

The smartBUSINESS online transaction platform delivers the following benefits to Businesses, Corporates & Institutional Clients:
  • Delivered online, ensuring global access at a low cost with no additional investments - all you need is a web-enabled computer.
  • Ability to initiate and authorize a wide range of financial and non-financial transactions from your computer.
  • Authorization tracker that makes the authorization process transparent and traceable.
  • Ability to perform a basket of transactions thereby increasing productivity.
  • smartBUSINESS access security is controlled through Subscriber ID, User ID and User Password.
  • Setup of authorization and access profiles can be single/dual controlled.
  • Authorization and access profiles can be setup in a way that only nominated users can access the system on the basis of products, functions, accounts and amounts.
  • Transaction submission and authorizations are secured through use of personalized password.
  • Using OTP / soft Token for securing the customer's identity.
  • Transactions that are released to the bank for processing use two factor authentication that are unique and simple to use.
Download the Emirates NBD smartBUSINESS Mobile App today

In the fast-paced world of business, time is your greatest asset. This is why at Emirates NBD; we constantly strive to come up with ways to ensure that your precious time is spent only on the most important things. With our smartBUSINESS Mobile App, you can enjoy enhanced banking experiences knowing that the power to control and keep track of your accounts is always at your fingertips.

smartBUSINESS Mobile App enables you to perform your banking transactions & make decisions on the go!

We provide you with an alternative platform to access your business accounts through your Apple or Android device.

Check Account Summary and Statements

Initiate, Authorize and Release Payments

Track Transaction Status

Download the smartBUSINESS mobile App

Experience the future of banking on the go

Register now for our corporate online banking platform “smartBusiness” for free. This includes the monthly subscriptions and the transfer fees in EGP for the next 6 months

If you wish to sign-up for the smartBUSINESS application without visiting the branch, there are two possible scenarios for registering:
  • Print the agreement, fill it out, scan it and send it to your relationship manager at the branch
  • If you do not know your relationship manager, please send an SMS to 16664 with the word “Subscribe”

Important notice: please visit the branch at your earliest convenience in 6 months starting 20/3/2020 to sign for the customer agreement papers needed to register for the service or the service will be revoked.

*Terms and conditions apply.

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