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For your safety, some banking services will only be available through Digital Banking platforms

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For your safety, some banking services will not be available in branches and will be available only through Digital Banking platforms. For your convenience, we have made subscription to the Digital Banking services as simple as filling this digital subscription form.

Stay safe by avoiding visiting physical spaces, using cash to pay and risk yourself or your loved ones catching the virus. Use our digital channels for a smarter banking experience.

Fill and submit the below form to subscribe and use the online & mobile banking platforms. Your safety and welfare are our top priority and we are committed to meet all your banking requirements. Start banking remotely anytime from anywhere using our Digital Banking services.

Click here for a list of all digital services.

Please note it will take 1 working day to activate your subscription.

*Important note: Please note that you have to visit the nearest branch within 6 months from the subscription date to sign the Digital Banking services subscription form to avoid the de-activation of the service after 6 months.