Get cash now and pay back later with Emirates NBDs Easy Cash service

Credit Cards

Get cash now and pay back later with Emirates NBD’s Easy Cash service

You can now enjoy up to 60 months of installments when using your Emirates NBD credit card.

60 months of installments
60 months of installments

Refund of EGP 5000
Refund of EGP 5,000

Limited time offer
Limited time offer

Terms & conditions apply

Tax registration number 204-897-319

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Terms and conditions:

  • Offer is valid till the end of June 2024 on credit cards.
  • Any claim to the offer after the 31st of June 2024 will not be eligible.
  • To claim the offer, customers should call 16664 or visit the nearest branch.
  • Customers can pay the amount on equal installments and choose one of the following tenors: 12, 18, 24, 36, 48, and 60 months.
  • The installment is posted as part of the minimum due payment, which is the installment/s plus the minimum payment for the amounts due out of total non-enrolled balance in the Installment Payment Plan (if any)
  • Emirates NBD will bear the first installment along with its interest with a capping of EGP 5,000. Accordingly, the first installment, which the customer is requested to pay, will be due on the second month after booking in case the first installment was fully refunded. For example, if the cash EPP plan was booked during May 2024, the customer will be requested to pay the first installment in July 2024.
  • Refund is capped at EGP 5,000 per customer.
  • Minimum eligible amount is EGP 5,000, while maximum eligible amount is capped at 95% from the credit card’s limit. Noting that requested cash should be from the available, remaining, actual and retractable balance.
  • In case of cancellation/early settlement, the cardholder will be charged 5% as a cancellation/early settlement fee, which is calculated on the remaining principal amount in the plan, and the bank will be entitled to claim a refund of the first installment and its interest which was paid by the bank on behalf of the customer.
  • Interest rate for cash EPP depends on the chosen tenor as per the table below:
    Tenor Fixed Monthly Interest Rate
    12 Months 1.80%
    18 & 24 Months 1.75%
    36 Months 1.70%
    48 & 60 Months 1.60%
  • Corporate cards are excluded from the offer.
  • This service will not be available if the card is delinquent and/or suspended, while active EPP plans will be automatically cancelled for the same reasons or in case the customer was delinquent for two months.
  • In case the customer misses two consecutive installments, the plan will be cancelled automatically.
  • Normal cash EPP “Cash in Advance” terms and conditions apply.